Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra

We are a mixed billing practice. On weekdays there is no fee to you if you hold a pension or concession card or are under 16. Otherwise the out-of-pocket fee is $25 for all general medical consultations. On Saturdays there is a $40 out-of-pocket fee for all consultations (this includes concession card holders and children).

Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra empowers you to make smarter health decisions and guides you
through your wellness journey. We take care of you and your family.

Located at 663 Chapel Street, South Yarra, our medical & cosmetic practice looks after your present health
concerns and sets your whole family up for all future life stages. We think of it as humanising healthcare that places you first.


Because your health is a priority for you, it should be for us. With on the day appointments available, we strive to provide you with prompt, quality healthcare.

General Practice

Feel better, live better. Our General Practitioners are here for you and your family at every life stage.

cosmetic and skincare south yarra
Cosmetic & Skin

At South Yarra, we provide the full spectrum of aesthetic treatments, including injectables, laser, peels and cosmetic tattoo. Why not start with a complimentary skin analysis consultation with our Dermal Therapist?

holistic wellness south yarra
Holistic Wellness

We believe everyone should aim for wellness. Our practitioners seek to improve every aspect of your wellbeing with a holistic approach, by addressing all aspects of your mental, physical, and nutritional health.

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Allied Health

Our whole of life approach is complimented by our allied health specialists. These include psychology, dietician and audiology services.


We are now living longer than ever, and life has become more complex, making it difficult to prioritise what matters most. This has stirred our desire to make every day count. When you feel better, you live better. But, over time, we know that taking control of your health becomes harder to do. At Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra, we see your health as a journey best travelled together. With the support of practitioners who are passionate, non-judgmental, and knows your story, you are not alone in navigating this journey. We are here to guide you all throughout. Are you ready to begin?


Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra looks at healthcare through the lens of longevity. As family practitioners, we are there for you through every life stage, from children newly starting out in the world; to students studying hard to make their mark; and eventually building their lives up as young adults. We are with you as you become new parents, learning the ups and downs of family life. We love to see older generations living to the fullest. These life stages build upon the other and paint a picture of health. So, you want a GP who knows the depth of your health and your family's, too. Our GPs believe that supportive healthcare starts by being there for each moment.