Everyone who wears our Plexus badge aligns with something more significant to achieve more; The Power of Us. More like a visiting friend, our GPs and nurses are curious and caring familiar faces that immerse themselves in your life story to understand the big picture of your health journey. They explain complex information in easily understood terms, playing a crucial role in your care continuum. This relationship-building creates a unique bonding experience that ensures you feel less like a patient and more like part of the solution.

Dr. Shams Shamid MD, BioMed (Hons)

As a cosmetic physician, Dr. Shams often combines various treatment modalities such as dermal fillers, thread lifts, PRP, and personalized compounded skincare regimens for exceptionally natural-looking results.

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Dr Dae Kwon

Dr Dae Hwan Kwon

Dr Dae Hwan Kwon graduated from University of Melbourne and trained in Victoria. Prior to specialising in General Practice Dr Kwon was working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and still practising women’s health in NSW regional health in collaboration with the Canberra hospital’s Obstetrics team.

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Dr Olivia Khatarina

Dr Olivia Katharina is a thoroughly warm and caring GP with a great deal of experience in all aspects of Family Practice….

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Dr Shirin Anbarjafari

Dr Shirin is a highly experienced GP with a warm and professional beside manner. She is an expert in all aspects of…

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Dr Felicia D’Sylva

Dr Felicia D’Sylva is the Principal Psychologist at Inpsyte Psychology and she provides psychology services to Plexus Health Care South Yarra Medical. She holds qualifications in a Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience with Honours in Psychology and a Doctor in Psychology (Forensic).

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Youjin Lee

RN Youjin Lee

Youjin joined the OGAM team in 2017. Youjin is a Registered Nurse Youjin has focused on skin therapies, laser, and cosmetic nursing.

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Olivia Hume

Olivia is our expert in skin therapies at Plexus Health Care South Yarra. She has extensive qualifications including Certificate in Applied Science – Microbiology; Diploma in Health Science – Beauty Therapy; Bachelor of Health Science – Dermal Therapies.

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Polly Ho

After gaining her degree in nursing, Polly has specialised in primary care nursing and has become an expert in all aspects with her wide experience in the field. We count ourselves lucky to have such a highly trained and experienced nurse working with us. Due to her training and experience, Polly practises both independently and in collaboration with our doctors. She works hard to go the extra distance to give our patients a personalised healthcare experience every time.

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Nick Leman

Nick is a physiotherapist from Melbourne with a strong background in elite sport having worked for the past 10 years in professional football (soccer).

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Thomas Rex

Thomas joined our team in 2021 and has become the lynchpin of Plexus Medical & Cosmetic.

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Susi Ikonomu

Susi Ikonomu

Susi joined Plexus in 2021 and works across both of our sites in Melbourne. Susi was recruited from Perth where she gained a broad experience in medical administration and has subsequently become even more highly trained in all aspects of the front of house role.

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Plexus Medical & Cosmetic (initially named Ogam Medical-Cosmetic-Skin) have been providing medical services for more than 25 years. Dr Michael O’Gorman opened our suite of medical, cosmetic, and skin services in Chapel Street, South Yarra in 2007. Dr. O’Gorman focuses exclusively on Aesthetic Medicine, as does Dr. Shams Shamid, who is widely known as a highly experienced Cosmetic Physician with a reputation for cutting edge techniques. Dr. Mais Ali completes the team of doctors by providing the same world-class standard in Specialist General Practice with her special focus on skin, supported by her post-graduate qualifications in skin conditions, skin cancer, and aesthetics including Medical Laser.

General Practice

Feel better, live better. Our General Practitioners are here for you and your family at every life stage.

cosmetic and skincare south yarra
Cosmetic & Skin

At South Yarra, we provide the full spectrum of aesthetic treatments, including injectables, laser, peels and cosmetic tattoo. Why not start with a complimentary skin analysis consultation with our Dermal Therapist?

holistic wellness south yarra
Holistic Wellness

We believe everyone should aim for wellness. Our practitioners seek to improve every aspect of your wellbeing with a holistic approach, by addressing all aspects of your mental, physical, and nutritional health.

allied health south yarra icon
Allied Health

Our whole of life approach is complimented by our allied health specialists. These include psychology, dietician and audiology services.