Cosmetic Treatment

This section includes injectable treatments, laser and IPL treatments, skin therapy, and more.

Combination therapy; individualised program; release your true natural beauty … these are all key Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra concepts and represent our unique approach to your makeover. But what do we mean by these concepts?

Individualised program

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment. At Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra, we like to begin our relationship with clients via skin analysis consultation. This involves different assessments: to the naked eye, through the magnifying lamp, through the Woods lamp, and through dermatoscopic examination if required. We also assess your skin type according to the Fitzpatricks scale. Then, just as necessary with other evaluations, we consider your medical history, note any medications/ allergies / previous skin conditions or treatments, and your current skincare regime. All these steps lead us to the development of an individualized program. This program is especially for you and designed specifically for your needs.

Release your true natural beauty

Our aim is to work with your facial shape and skin type to maximize your natural beauty. Of course, not everyone wants to be asked, "What have you done to your face?" but everyone loves to hear a "You look great!" compliment. We are also aware that an expressionless face is not a look everyone is trying to achieve. So, we want to rejuvenate and enhance the natural you instead of merely injecting botox and volumising your face with dermal fillers. When patients feel good about themselves after their treatment plan at Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra, this is what we consider a successful outcome.

Combination therapy

We strongly believe in a combination therapy concept at Plexus Medical & Cosmetic in South Yarra. The benefits achievable through a combination of treatments are far greater than any treatment on its own. For instance, we recommend getting combining Fotona Laser with topical treatments including a peel. Or we may incorporate a muscle-relaxing anti-wrinkle injection with a dermal filler injection treatment plan. With the wrinkles relaxed and the folds filled, focusing on the surface skin with needling therapy/plasma therapy/or resurfacing laser therapy are all possible further steps. For those aged 45 years and above, lifting lax skin with thread lifting may be required. We also have the Fotona 4D laser make-over, which involves treating skin sun damage, tightening the skin, and utilising laser to improve complexion. Each combination therapy will always be specific to the client’s needs and prescribed for them in their individualised program.


Double Chin Fat Dissolving

Thread Lifting