Dr Dae Kwon

Dr Dae Hwan Kwon


Meet Dr. Dae Hwan Kwon, a Melbourne-trained GP who combines a meticulous approach with a warm, professional demeanour. In addition to maintaining FRACGP, Dr. Kwon holds a special interest in skin and cosmetic procedures, hair loss management, men’s health, and OBGYN. His expertise in skin care spans from managing various skin conditions and diagnosing skin cancer to performing biopsies and managing scars with precision.

In the realm of cosmetics, Dr. Kwon is a board-certified aesthetic physician and an international trainer for injectables with the American Aesthetic Academy. He specialises in enhancing natural beauty through facial and body rejuvenation techniques including anti-wrinkle treatments, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and autologous fat transfers. Notably proficient in Asian double eyelid surgery and blepharoplasty, Dr. Kwon tailors each treatment to individual needs, ensuring results that are both beautiful and natural.

For those who suffer from hair loss, Dr. Kwon offers comprehensive solutions ranging from topical treatments and injectables to meticulous care following hair transplants. His extensive experience in OBGYN allows him to perform a vast spectrum of obstetric and gynecologic procedures and surgeries independently, guaranteeing care of the highest standard.

Please note, based on Dr. Kwon’s operation schedule, some services may be performed at different locations, ensuring patients receive the best possible care in the most suitable environments.